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4-2-104/C Sri Lakhmi Nivas
Opp. Jammi Banda Park
Khammam - 507 002
Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone : +91-8742-246933, 246944
Cell : +91-94946-08226

Welcome to Action for Collective Tribal Improvement & Vocational Education (ACTIVE).

ACTIVE is a voluntary Service Organization with twin aims of Education and Self-reliance. It is not only a Non-political, Non-governmental, Secular and Service Organization, but also a Non-profitable Voluntary Organization striving for the upliftment of Tribals, Dalits and Down-trodden, irrespective of Race, Caste, Creed, Community or Religion.

ACTIVE's journey in the development sector began in 1987 with the interventions in tribal livelihoods in remote, interior and poor endowed hamlets in the revenue district of Khammam, Andhra Pradesh. Since then, it made incremental leaps at each turn and today is specialized into a socio-technical institute that renders technical and managerial inputs to grass root NGOs and people's institutions to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate environmentally sustainable and economically feasible land-based programmes. Through interventions for the development of land, water and forest resources, it is making a positive difference in the livelihood systems of the rural and tribal poor.

Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission

VISION : Facilitation of people's institutions that are Sustainable, Self-Reliant, Meet the livelihood needs of the members and bring Ecological Balance by improving the Green Cover.

MISSION : ACTIVE believes that access to Livelihood, Socio-Political and Ecological Security is a basic human right and strikes to organize marginalized people deprived of these securities so that they are able to access them on their own.


ACTIVE is following family-centered approach. A group of individuals, Socially and Economically backward, have formed with Sanghams in all targeted villages both for men (Mitra Mandals) and women (Mahila Mandals).

The approach is mainly through the process of participation by people who are motivated to participate in the development through democratization. Sanghams are the local collectives of the people in which the problems and situations are reflected and participatory decision taken on possible solution.

Bringing People into the Forefront shall be the approach of ACTIVE to its interventions in the management of Natural Resources.

  • Soil & Water Conservation.
  • Forestry and Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of interventions for Natural Resources Management.
  • Capacity Building of NGOs and CBOs.
  • Thematic Networking.